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Jetlagged at 5am means one thing: catching up on the Great British Bake Off.

Another post complaining about packing

And there’s still 6 days to go.

So far, I’ve got rid of what feels like three quarters of my clothes, spent 6000yen sending a package back to England, am currently considering sending another, and I’m still worried that my suitcase will be too heavy at the airport.
Part of the reason why I’m struggling is the amazing going-away presents I’ve received, but a lot of it is down to my own fault.  I set myself up for failure in the first place, as I (by this I mean mummy dearest) had to pay some ridiculous fee of around 10,000 yen for my suitcase being too heavy on the way to Japan.  I probably haven’t even worn half of the clothes I was convinced were vital before coming here, and since arriving I’ve accumulated a lot more stuff.Still, I feel like I’m learning an important lesson.  Japanese recycle shops are fabulous, and second-hand clothes shopping is one of my favourite things, but really how many 600yen skirts does a girl need? I’m hoping this experience will change how I purchase things, in particular, clothes in the future.  When making decisions as to what to take back, a lot of the clothes I felt I couldn’t part with are the clothes I can remember exactly when and where I bought them, many several years ago, whereas a lot of my most recent purchases didn’t make the cut.
This isn’t particularly interesting, I just feel I need to write my thoughts down on the matter, mainly so my mum can triumphantly bring up this post six months down the line when she catches me getting up to my old bad habits.

"For some reason, when you live in a place like Tokyo, you can’t help but to think along the lines of, "If only they did this or that differently…"  In other words, we tend to seek out a sense of completion in everything.  In Hokkaido, the governor’s house and the botanical garden beg for that kind of completion, but Hokkaido, as a place, does not want that.  Here, it makes you think of what "nature" is; no one is making it out of a sophisticated sense of aesthetics."

 - Kenmei Nagaoka, d design travel

Last week, or maybe the week before, I finally got round to going to D&Department, somewhere I had been meaning to go since I first arrived in Sapporo all those many months ago.
The shop is pretty cool, focusing on long life design, but more importantly the cafe was delicious.

These past couple of days I’ve started the long and painful process of attempting to pack everything I’ve accumulated over the past year.  This guy is really helping me get through it.

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Super Tutor strikes again

I think I’m going to Obihiro on Sunday.  Any recommendations?


I found out today that two of my Japanese friends are secretly dating.  This is maybe the fourth or fifth time it has happened throughout this year.  The reason this couple is a secret is because they’re both part of the same circle at university, and I guess they think it would make an awkward atmosphere at events if everyone knew, which I kind of understand but still…  I don’t know.  I never really understand the reasoning.  Just cultural differences I suppose.

For some reason, my friend’s mum decided it would be a swell idea to have me do a day’s work next week at her a crepe stall for some event in Bibai, I’m not exactly sure what.

This is a terrible idea.  Last week at my end of year report presentation, I had a microphone and people still said they couldn’t hear what I was saying.  A couple of days ago I tried to get the attention of a server in a restaurant who was not standing more than 2 feet away from me, and he failed to hear my pathetic  すみませんs, to the point where the friend I was with had to step in and rescue the situation.

However, I somehow found myself agreeing - partly because she’s a very persuasive woman, partly because as I enter my last 3 weeks in Japan (gulp) I feel it is important to make the most of any new opportunity that arises, but if I’m going to be honest,  I mainly said yes because I love crepes.

So I have 5 days to work on my 小さい声 and コンビに警護.  Help.